This Video Of A Colossal Alligator Is Tearing Up The Internet, But It’s Gotta Be Fake… Right?

Some scientists believe the dinosaurs died 65.5 million years ago, possibly due to climate change that affected their food sources. Others believe a meteor struck the earth, wiping out the terrifying and majestic creatures that once called our planet home. There are politicians that have claimed dinosaurs were here just a few thousand years ago, and Jesus Christ possibly gave some of them the upwards bro nod as he contemplated turning water into wine.

But maybe, just maybe, dinos are still roaming around our territory. Maybe. Possibly. We’re not sure. Probably not.

Over the weekend, the Lakeland, Florida police department uploaded a video of a massive alligator slowly lumbering past some awestruck meals, er, humans, and now the internet is wondering if it’s real. (Noooooope!)

True internet detectives have pointed out a lack of grass moving as the monstrous reptile emerges from the brush only to disappear back into the grass (which still isn’t moving). Local resident Kim Joiner captured the footage while trudging through the animal sanctuary, and after a brief social media search, doesn’t seem to know any members of Industrial Light and Magic, but that doesn’t mean this isn’t fake.

It doesn’t mean it’s not real, either. The only real answer is: Russian hackers. Now re-watch the glorious animal’s debut with the best rendition of the Jurassic Park theme.

(Via WPTV)