Giant-Hearted Russian Billionaire Is Committed To Rescuing Sochi Stray Dogs

Billionaire Oleg Deripaska, one of Russia’s richest men, has made it his mission to save as many displaced stray dogs in Sochi before they can be killed off by independent contractors hired by Sochi officials. So far Deripaska and the makeshift shelter he has organized and funded have rescued almost 150 animals, which they are now trying to place in loving homes. Oleg — you’re one of the good ones.

Via The Independent:

“My first dog I found in the street of my village, the tiny village [where I grew up],” Mr Deripaska told the BBC. “It was a very close friend for almost five years.”

Following widespread media reports and a Facebook campaign, Mr Deripaska was moved to intervene, and arranged for a team of animal welfare charity workers to rescue as many as they could.

A Russian billionaire fronting a rescue operation because of fond memories for his childhood pet doesn’t sound even remotely like something that happens in real life, rather some kind of schmoopy, feel-good Hollywood family comedy. In fact, as I speak I’m sure Disney has like, the writer for Hotel for Dogs or some crap already getting to work on the screenplay. All I can say is I’m just glad there’s people out there like Oleg Deripaska. Animal lovers everywhere thank you, guy.