This Is What Happens When A Giant Inflatable Duck Escapes Its Shackles

Cue up the hi-fi and start playing Freebird because this giant, inflatable duck that for some reason was on display outside of a Scottish car dealership broke free from its restraints this weekend and found its way into traffic in the face of heavy winds. With summer coming to a close and the rainy season descending upon the British Isles, this strange duck took flight.

The duck was parked out in front of the Peter Vardy CarStore in Braehead when the mighty winds freed the bird. It’s still not entirely clear why a giant, yellow duck would attract people to purchase a car, but the owners of the store seem rather proud of it making international headlines.

So while this is far from Alfred Hitchcock’s Birds or anything as dramatic as that, it does highlight that it’s probably a good idea to keep your ducks in a row during storms like this. There haven’t been any injuries reported, nor has it been reported if the duck was ever returned. The video that was captured of it does do a tremendous job of showing the duck flying down the street, hopefully being blown to some adequate body of water and not just to be returned to a patch of grass in front of a car dealership. That duck deserves better.

(Via Indy100/HuffPo)