An Enormous Sea Creature Washed Up On Shore In Indonesia And Nobody Knows What The Hell It Is

The creature you see in the above video is not a prop from an upcoming secret Cloverfield sequel, but a large sea creature that was found washed up on the shores of Indonesia, which some people think might be a giant squid, and some people think might be a decomposing humpback whale. Oh yeah, and it also has what may or may not be tusks, depending who you ask.

No cause for alarm!

In another video, below, initially posted to the official Facebook page of the Indonesian Army, a man says of the mysterious creature, “A giant squid has washed ashore in the island of Seram, in Hulung village. From the looks of it, it’s unclear how many people can fit in this creature. If it eats people. [HMM! Good question!] This is a rare animal. It’s length is more or less 10 meters… Fifteen … fifteen meters.”

Unfortunately we’ll probably never get an answer as to what the hell the thing is, because as you can see in the following two videos, the creature is already rapidly decomposing under the hot Indonesian sun. You can see in the first video what some have perhaps mistakenly identified as tusks, which the cameraman apparently determines to be the jawbone of a large whale.

Since we’ll never know one way or another, we should probably just chalk it up to the large whale thing and definitely not an enormous sea monster that eats people. Whew, another science mystery solved!

(Via Vice)