A ‘Ginger Extremist’ Was Planning To Assassinate Prince William And Charles So Harry Could Be King

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A 37-year-old self-proclaimed Aryan, Mark Colborne, stood before a British court Thursday on charges that he was plotting a mass terrorist attack that would have “put a major dent in England.” Comparing himself to Timothy McVeigh and Anders Breivik, Colborne plotted the cyanide deaths of Prince William and Prince Charles so that red-haired Prince Harry would be king someday. A ginger who had suffered ridicule at the hands of his peers growing up, Colborne didn’t just want to murder non-whites and Jews, but anyone who didn’t have red hair.

Thankfully, Colborne was stopped when his brother happened across part of his stockpile in the home he shared with his mother in June of 2014. His concerned family called authorities, and detectives found chemicals and equipment used to make and transport deadly poisons, a book called How to Kill People, and a diary manifesto that contained info about building “nerve gases which are as deadly as small-yield nukes.” His mobile phone likewise turned up videos of violent killings in addition to web searches on how to make explosives and poisons like cyanide and ricin.

Prosecutor Annabel Darlow warned the jury against writing off Colborne’s writings and purchases as “little more than fantasy,” because he had yet to act on any of his urges.

“You may think it may have been difficult, if not impossible, to have actually made happen some of that which he wrote about, for example he talks about killing Prince Charles and Prince William so that red-haired Prince Harry would take his place.”

But she added: “By the first half of 2014 the defendant had moved from the realms of fantasy into reality… and he had started making concrete, practical, viable plans for an act of terrorism, which was one that he would be capable, as a lone wolf, of carrying out.”

Luckily, Colborne didn’t get to enact any of his plans.

(Via UK Metro)

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