Girl Gets Facebook Friends’ Pics Tattooed On Her Arm

Well this might be taking a love of social media a wee bit too far: A Dutch girl got a sleeve tattoo that consists entirely of the profile pictures of her 152 Facebook friends. No, there’s absolutely no chance she might regret this one day! And of course, she videoed the whole thing and uploaded it to YouTube.

More importantly, how ridiculously beautiful is the tattoo artist who did the work? Jesus, if I walked into her shop and she said to me, “Sit down right now…I’m going to tattoo Brett Favre’s penis on your forehead,” I might actually be inclined to do it if I felt it meant that I might have a chance to cuddle with her. Girls like this are just dangerous. DANGEROUS! So dangerous that Jesse James will probably send her a picture of his penis immediately after he sees this video. Kat Von Who?

(HT: The Hairpin)