Enjoy This Supercut Of Nice-Looking Ladies In Pools


Hey it’s a summer Friday! And while summer Fridays are great for people on “the outside,” summer Fridays are typically dreaded by people who work on the web. (People like ME!) Why? Because people take off early and go outside (A-holes!) to do things like travel, participate in summer-y outdoor activities, go to the movies, etc. So, in short, things just get so very, frustratingly slow. It’s like you’ve been stripped of your props and the theater you’re performing is only half full. Yeah, I know — call the wambulance.

With that said, summer Fridays are GREAT days to shamelessly troll for pageviews! With that said, enjoy this supercut of attractive ladies sexily emerging from the water. Oh Phoebe Cates — if only DVR was around when I was a kid. Enjoy!

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