If You’ve Ever Wondered, Here Are The Top Global Adult Film Search Terms ‘The Ladies’ Are Seeking Out

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Watching adult films is commonly thought of to be more of a male-oriented pastime, but you’d be remiss to write off all of the ladies who also like to indulge. For this reason, women’s online porn habits tend to be a subject surrounded in mystery and intrigue. For the past two years, online adult content peddlers Pornhub have launched studies into the searching/viewing habits among women, to discover which categories are most viewed by women, as well as how that compares to male viewing habits.

Pornhub’s 2016 study, however, focuses on search terms by women by breaking it down on a global and national scale. The findings are — unsurprisingly, if you’ve read previous studies — that women in North America, South America, Australia, and much of Europe are gung-ho for lesbian porn, while Africa and Asia lean “Ebony” and “Hentai,” respectively.

Meanwhile, Russia is all about that ass.

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