Go Home Sandy, You Are Drunk And The Best Of The Go Home, You're Drunk Meme

In one of the college bars in the college town where I attended college (college!) some charmer over a decade ago drunkenly scribbled “I f–ked your mom last night” above one of the urinals. Shortly after a much wittier gentleman with far better handwriting replied, “Go home dad, you’re drunk.” I was 18 or 19 the first time I saw it and at the time thought it was the pinnacle of humor. I’ve enjoyed a good chuckle every time I used the restroom in said establishment ever since.

I’m not sure if that says more about college me or me me but either way I’ve maintained a fondness for the joke over the years and enjoyed every meme-y variation I’ve seen on the internet since, so when a few new ones began to spring up this week in response to Sandy devastation (quite the awesome coping mechanism, I might add) I enjoyed them a little too much.

So here’s an assorted collection of Sandy and non-Sandy related “Go home, you’re drunk” memes for everyone’s end of week enjoyment. Because we’ve all been a boat on railroad tracks before.

Source: Know Your Meme