'Goat Simulator' Gets The Perfect Release Date

Goat Simulator may have started as a joke, but it’s become a full-fledged game. And yes, it’s coming soon. Very soon. On what is arguably the perfect date for a wonky physics game about trashing parties and licking things.

Yes, Goat Simulator will be arriving April 1st, according to Coffee Stain Studios. And it will be arriving on Steam, no less. And now it even has objectives and stuff!

Essentially, your goal, as a goat, is to destroy stuff in the most elaborate way possible. Destroying a table will get you points, destroying a table by crashing into it from above or hitting it with the axe stuck to your tongue will get you more points. The development team has compared it to the Tony Hawk franchise, and that seems bizarrely apt; as a game, the appeal is less mastery and more figuring out how to do the most ridiculous thing possible in the most ridiculous way possible.

So, if you want to get some goat, which is sadly not Goat Simulator’s tagline, keep an eye out on Steam April 1st. And remember, it’s Steam Workshop compatible, so you can start building new objects and levels immediately. Yes, you can build your town, or your office, or the Citadel, and then trash it with a goat. Truly, we live in a Golden Age of gaming.

Via The Escapist