Godzilla And King Kong Are Returning To Theaters And They’re Bringing More Monsters With Them

Two of the most famous monsters in film history are heading back to the big screen for another destructive romp across the globe. Godzilla will return for a sequel to Gareth Edwards reboot from earlier this summer and King Kong is going to find himself back on his island in prequel territory. The interesting part is they’re not the only monsters making a return.

Godzilla took first sport at Legendary’s Comic-Con panel in Hall H, providing a small taste of what is to come for Godzilla 2. From Slash Film:

Legendary Pictures head Thomas Tull first presented a video from Gareth Edwards which was recorded in San Francisco where he is working hard on Star Wars. Edwards thanked fans for supporting Godzilla and joked that while he is just doing a small little sci-fi movie next, he will return to Godzilla 2 afterwards. He also jokingly revealed a list of monsters who will be in the sequel, but the names were bleeped out.

Ahh bleeped out, just the way the government wants them to be. I think we can see the evidence, specifically that hole in Siberia. Show us the real monsters!

Luckily that wasn’t it for Godzilla and we got a small bit of footage that revealed a few more fan favorites will be making a return:

The black and white video was filled with footage of destruction from around the world with a voice over from John F Kennedy. Text on the screen reads: “There is still one secret that remains hidden… There are others.”

The video then revealed three Godzilla universe monsters: the giant pteranodon kaiju Rodan, the giant divine moth kaiju Mothra and the three-headed dragon kaiju Ghidorah. (via)

I know Edwards has been quoted as saying he wants to attempt a Destroy All Monsters type of film, meaning this could be the beginnings of that idea. It is still a long ways away, but it’s cool to know where we will be heading.

That wasn’t it from Legendary though, who now hold the keys to the King Kong franchise and are bringing it back with a prequel called Skull Island. This is the first news on the project since Legendary optioned the book Kong: King of Skull Island back in 2009. From Film School Rejects:

Before he left the stage, Tull also dished a little surprise: that Legendary is heading back to the world of King Kong with a prequel about Skull Island. In what IGN reports as Comic-Con 2014′s first true surprise, we “don’t even know who’s writing or directing the film yet, but we do know it has a release date: November 4, 2016.”

Now the interesting part about this is the theory IGN’s Scott Collura put forth that both films should exist in the same universe. If this is the truth, then one would think that a King Kong vs. Godzilla movie would be a logical step at some point.

(Via Film School Rejects / IGN / Slash Film)