Godzilla Throws His Weight Around In A New Clip

We’re only a few days from Godzilla arriving in theaters, and that, of course, means the studios are dealing out small clips to attract our attention. Which includes some military personnel learning the hard way Godzilla’s got a prehensile tail.

Also that the Big G, in this movie, likes to misdirect people. See for yourself:

It’s not a crucial moment in the movie, but it’s a nice touch that the military doesn’t quite know how to deal with the giant lizard trying to sink its ships. It also puts the shot of Godzilla reflected in the school bus windows into a little more context.

There’s also a new TV spot, mostly about Bryan Cranston being pissed off:

We’re glad they’re not trying to hide Godzilla at all. If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years, it’s that hiding Godzilla in your Godzilla movie never ends well. We’ll see what Warner Bros. has up their sleeve this Friday.