Good News! Poké Ball Nipple Bar Piercings Exist

Pokébras cover the boob, but they just don’t get close enough for some folk’s comfort. I suggest attaching Poké balls directly through the nipples.

We spoke with Rainbow Kid about this ingenious inspiration.

Well, my girlfriend and I run the shop. We are both engineers and we are in our early twenties. We grew up with Pokemon. Our generation makes up the first and original Pokemon fan base. It only made sense to make Pokemon “grow up” with us by making sexy pokeball lingerie, nipple rings, belly button rings, etc.

Numerous materials and methods were tested to achieve optimum quality and durability that the pokeball nipple rings and belly rings have. We tested them to make sure they could withstand regular bathing, chlorine bleach (pool water), skin oils, and piercing cleaning chemicals. All that testing eventually paid off when we found the ideal chemicals and method.

There you have it, these nipple bars have been tested for optimum quality, they are without a doubt, super effective.

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