“Good Omens” Coming To TV?

Hey, remember “Good Omens”? It was a novel, came out about twenty years ago. It was written by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, and it was a comedy about the Apocalypse. And it was hysterical.

Thus, it was immediately optioned by Hollywood, and rocketed right into development hell, because Terry Gilliam wanted to direct, and nobody in Hollywood will give him more than a five-spot to go away and bug somebody else.

Well, apparently Gilliam either gave up the ghost or talked to his buddies, because now they’re going full speed ahead on a “Good Omens” TV show. And a Python might be involved: they’re talking to to Terry Jones about writing the script.

As long as they cast Anthony Stewart Head or Christopher Eccelston as Crowley, I’m happy.

[ via the angels at The Mary Sue ]