“Goon” Test Footage Is Awesome, Depressing

“The Goon” is one of the best comics of the last ten years. Eric Powell is an incredibly talented artist and an even better writer who can switch from slapstick to horror to heartbreak in ten pages. And David Fincher really, really wants to make a movie out of it.

Normally, this worries me because Fincher is a chilly, impersonal director, but everything we’ve seen of “The Goon” shows it perfectly captures the comic, right down to the voice casting.

So why the hell can’t this thing get funded, Hollywood? Seriously. Actually, I take that back: I know precisely why this isn’t getting funded. It’s a cartoon, and cartoons are for children in the eyes of idiot parents and Hollywood executives alike. If this were live-action, it’d probably be in theaters next month.

Then again, if it were live action, it’d probably star Vin Diesel as the Goon and Gilbert Gottfried as Franky.

Here, have some test footage: it’ll make you laugh and depress you at the same time.

[ via the beating distributors at First Showing ]