People Are Expressing Shock And Disgust At The Senate Passing Of The GOP Tax Reform Bill

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Early Saturday morning, the Senate passed the most sweeping tax reform bill since 1986, complete with some barely legible, handwritten notes written up and down the margins at the very last minute to secure votes. Aside from the fact that you could barely read it, Democrats also argued that the tax bill will ultimately harm middle-class families. Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) was one of the most outspoken critics of the bill, arguing that in his entire career, he had not seen such a “regressive piece of legislation,” devoid of rationale and ill-suited for both the country and the reality of what Americans need:

Republicans have pitched the bill as a middle-class tax cut and the overhaul is intended to immediately cut taxes for about 70 percent of middle-class families. But it would raise them on millions of others since the Senate plan eliminates some tax breaks like the deduction for state and local income taxes and phases out the individual tax cuts at the end of 2025.

Likewise, in the aftermath of the bill passing the Senate, many comedians and other high profile voices took to Twitter to express their disappointment and disgust with the Republican party, which is hoping to expedite the legislation to President Trump’s desk.

The hashtag #TaxScamBill also began trending:

Meanwhile, Trump congratulated the “great Republicans” for a job well done.