Does This Baby Look Exactly Like Gordon Ramsey?

Everyone loves a good doppelgänger, especially when it comes to babies. Whether it is that baby who looks exactly like John Legend or Ron Burgundy reborn as the most adorably hairy child, you just can’t beat babies that look like tiny famous adults. The latest is brought to us by Claire Dempster, a Welsh mother who is convinced that her son, Arlo-Blue, looks just like celebrity chef and professional angry person, Gordon Ramsay. According to Buzzfeed, Arlo-Blue also adopts the same surly demeanor as Ramsay when he’s hungry. As a joke, Dempster reached out to Ramsay on Twitter, jokingly asking if he’d been to Cardiff in the not so distant past.

To his credit, Ramsay was a pretty good sport about the joke, replying to Dempster’s tweet. No claims of parentage were made, but he was in the area not long ago, so draw your own conclusions (I’m going to chalk it up to an amazing coincidence). Despite his no-nonsense kitchen demeanor, Ramsay has proven that he’s not above interacting with fans, even if the encounters don’t go as planned.

Here’s hoping the baby waits a long time to start swearing like Ramsay, though, or elementary school is going to be awkward.

(H/T Buzzfeed)