A Terrifyingly Huge Gorilla Tried To Attack A Zoo Visitor

The Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska, boasts of its Gorilla Valley, where “the gorillas roam free and the visitors are on display.” Nowhere does it mention the silverbacks charging “the glass out of nowhere and [managing] to crack it, effectively scaring the living sh*t out of zoo visitors,” which is what happened last year. The same thing nearly occurred again on Saturday.

It’s even the same gorilla:

The gorilla tries to make a jump through the glass of his enclosure. Kijito the gorilla, charges and jumps into the glass while a visitor had his back turned. According to the filmer, the very same gorilla broke a window at the zoo last year. “He is quite the character and plays with us whenever we go to the zoo,” she wrote online.

“Plays with us,” rips you apart until you’re nothing more than a pile of blood and broken bones — same thing. I’m beginning to think gorillas don’t like being held in zoos. They’d much rather smash some dingers on the diamond.