Grab Your Fake Cards Kids, It’s Time For The ‘Hearthstone’ Honest Trailer

Okay, I need to make an admission – I was pretty into Magic: The Gathering back in grade school. Eventually though, buying the cards one by one became too much of a nerdy money sink even for me, so I left Magic behind and my life was probably richer for it.

I mention this because I’m absolutely terrified of getting anywhere near Hearthstone. An easier to get into Magic: The Gathering is not a thing I need in my life. Even as the smooth-voiced Honest Trailers guy relentlessly mocked Hearthstone all I could think was, “Hey, that looks pretty fun. Maybe just a few games.”

Ugh, no – I’m dancing too close to the flame! You can’t have me Blizzard! You can’t have my soul!

via Smosh Games