‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Full Map Stitched Together By Fans

Apparently Trevor the nutjob hick will have a pretty big playground in Grand Theft Auto V. Fans have put together the full map from sections Rockstar has leaked, and it’s not only huge, Los Santos makes up less than half of it.

Assembled by, who else, NeoGAF forumgoers, here’s the full map.

A few things stand out, looking this over…

  • They’ve messed around with the geography of Los Santos substantially. For one thing, this seems to be an island. Perhaps the big one has struck, and most of California is underwater?
  • There’s not only a lot of countryside, a lot of it looks best explored with aircraft. There’s a lot of mountains on that map, and the roads go around them.
  • There’s something very important in the northwest corner of the map. Both of the major highways from Los Santos lead to it, and so does the highway ringing the “island”.
  • There’s a notable lack of underwater depths on the map, which tells us exploring the ocean’s surface is going to take a lot of trial and error.
  • There aren’t a lot of rivers and waterways here, which we’re assuming is largely thanks to water being a pain to render. There is, however, a massive lake.

Anything we missed? Anything that stands out? Weigh in, and gripe about how the game isn’t coming until September with the rest of us.