Who Gets The Best Seat At The Club – President Obama, Michael Jordan Or Jay-Z?

05.02.13 6 years ago 18 Comments

Quite the interesting discussion broke out amongst Grantland’s Three Amigos – Bill Simmons, David Jacoby and Jalen Rose – with the topic centering around who gets the best real estate in the club during Super Bowl Weekend – President Obama, Jay-Z, Michael Jordan or LeBron James. Using those four names, it’s hard to argue Jalen’s order of the same rankings.

In some parallel universe, President Obama taking his cabinet to the club on Super Sunday Eve would make every news outlet in the world. Jay-Z and Jordan could be swapped out depending how I’m feeling at the moment. The big game is in New York next year which, on the surface, would give Jay the edge, but this is Mike Jordan we’re talking about here. And bringing up the tail is LeBron. Yet, using Simmons’ criteria, here are a few more worthy mega-celebrities deserving of consideration.

1. Any era Bill Clinton post-blowjob because who wouldn’t want to pop bottles with Billy C in VIP? This guy would.

2. A 1980s Michael Jackson would hands down cause a movie to be shot in the club. And not the ones your city’s party promoters claim happen every Saturday. An actual movie.

3. A 1980s Magic Johnson, as Jalen alluded to.

4. A mid-1990s Will Smith. I’m thinking the Will who reeled off the final season of Fresh Prince and jumped right into Independence Day and Men In Black a year later.

5. A 2013 Future only if he wasn’t allowed to drink. We can’t run the risk of a nasty hangover the night before he sings the National Anthem.

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