The ‘Homer Simpson’ Of Great White Sharks Tried To Eat An Entire Frigging Humpback Whale

There is perhaps no bigger glutton in pop culture than Homer Simpson, the cartoon patriarch of The Simpsons family who has literally been taken to court for being a “remorseless eatin’ machine” by shutting down an all-you-can-eat restaurant, consumed Play-Doh in an effort to bump himself up to 300 pounds so he could work from home (which I’m not gonna knock, if we’re being real here), and even once broke one of the tortures of hell for his ability to outlast being force fed doughnuts. As far as gluttons go, he’s pretty much GOAT material.

And then there’s this great white shark, who is like, lol, hold my beer. (Or whatever the equivalent of beer is for sharks.)

The shark in question actually happened to be a pregnant female shark, which was caught off the coast of Dana Point, California, feeding on the bloated corpse of a humpback whale for an incredible 18 hours. Keith Poe, the conservationist who had come to see the whale, nicknamed “Scarlett” by locals, captured the scene, writing: “Big female white shark tearing chunks off Scarlett the Whale over 18 hours. She ate so much she was swimming around upside-down aimlessly like she was intoxicated.”

Has even Homer Simpson eaten to the point of intoxication? With however many seasons left to go, never say never.

(Via AV Club, Daily Mail)