Memphis Grizzlies Owner Challenges Michael Jordan To One-On-One Game For A Million Bucks

I had no idea who Robert J. Pera was before last night, when I read the Memphis Grizzlies’ sending a tweet challenge to Michael Jordan:


The challenge happened after dismissing the very notion of a one-on-one match against Mark Cuban:


Quick research yields little athletic background for the Apple-engineer-turned-network-tycoon. And he looks pretty scrawny. Being the red-blooded NBA fan that I am, I simultaneously admire the courage it had to have taken to send that YOLO tweet, hoping that somebody teaches MJ what Twitter is so he can respond in full, and look forward to this hypothetical pickup game actually happening.

I’m not sure what kind of game Pera is bringing to the table, but I’d imagine it isn’t anywhere close to what Jordan can still (probably, hopefully) do at 50.

Just ask Michael Kidd-Gilchrist.

Photo: Facebook