This Woman Got So Incensed Using Self-Checkout That She Allegedly Hit A Grocery Store Manager With A VCR

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07.06.15 3 Comments

Self-checkout, am I right? Somehow, we have technologically evolved enough that robots allow us to bypass making small talk with cashiers, yet that same technology can’t seem to wrap its head around you wanting to use your own damn bag. Oh, and forget it if you have a manufacturer’s coupon. You can pry that 75 cents out of its cold, dead robot hands.

One woman, 56-year-old Cheryl A. Elkinton of Madison, Wis., became so enraged while using the self checkout at a Woodman’s grocery store late last month that she allegedly ended up smacking the store’s manager in the face with a VCR, according to Madison’s News 3:

The disturbance started inside Woodman’s when Elkinton reportedly became agitated at the self-checkout lane, police said. When employees went to help her, she became belligerent and started yelling.

Elkinton continued to scream and swung a VCR at a manager, according to the release. When the VCR hit the manager, he told Elkinto she had to leave the store.

Elkinton hopped aboard a bus before police arrived, but they were able to flag down the vehicle to arrest her and charge her with disorderly conduct. The biggest mystery about this story goes unsolved for now, however, as News 3 reports it’s “unclear why Elkinton had a VCR with her at a grocery store.” I’m guessing this woman’s problems with technology don’t end at self-checkout.

(Via WISC-TV News 3 and New York Daily News)

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