Watching This Guy’s Ear Give Birth To A Wax Monster Is The Grossest Thing You’ll See Today

To call this video disgusting would be a gross understatement. A man named Kyle Davis posted this harrowing account of a wax baby being pulled out of his ear canal. Naturally, this gruesome video ended up on the internet. It took months to go viral, yet here we are, watching with rapt attention.

The clip shows a man, presumably Mr. Davis (if that is his real name), sitting in a chair while a kind lady uses some industrial-sized tweezers to do the dirty work. What emerges from his ear is monster sized. This clip is even grosser than the time a Florida congressman ate his wax live on C-Span. But the final results aren’t quite as bad as one would expect.

How did this guy not realize he had a full candle in his ear? Give him a box of Q-Tips.

(Via BroBible)

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