Groupon May Have Sold Condoms With Holes In Them To People


Groupon now has something in common with your crazy ex who tried to trick you into a baby, other than a fondness for questionable sushi, perhaps. The Independent is reporting that the online deal company sold unsuspecting Australian consumers counterfeit Durex condoms that may or may not be riddled with holes between March 12 and April 10.

The good news is that the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has implemented a recall of all of the tainted condoms. The bad news is that a lot of people were already probably using them. Whoops! When reached for a statement, Groupon Australia had this to say: “¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ”

In all seriousness, they issued the following statement to Mashable Australia:

A spokesperson from Groupon confirmed to Mashable Australia the condoms were counterfeit, defective goods. “Customers are our utmost priority at Groupon and we take their health and safety very seriously. All customers who purchased the counterfeit products have been proactively contacted by Groupon notifying them of the recall and have been advised to discontinue use immediately, dispose or return the goods, and seek professional medical advice if they have concerns about their health. A full refund has been processed to all customers.”

The full ACCC warning states that the the condoms “may not prevent pregnancy or protect users against sexually transmitted diseases, which can result in serious illness or death.” Australia, ladies and gentlemen: “If our poisonous spiders, snakes and crocodiles don’t get you first, our deadly condoms just might!”

(The Independent via Daily Dot)