What Were These Soon-To-Be Parents Thinking With This Gun-Themed Gender Reveal?


Blac Chyna announced her pregnancy in an extremely modern way and expectant parents have been announcing their future offspring’s sex with gender reveal parties. You can just scroll through your Facebook or Twitter feed to see friends who are having children cutting into cakes to reveal blue or pink frosting (As if a color determines one’s gender) to announce to their social media followers that they’re having a boy or a girl. But now, parents need to up the ante when it comes to gender reveal announcements. Last year, a baseball-themed gender reveal went viral, but now a new theme has emerged for gender reveal parties: firearms.

This tweet has sparked a debate surrounding the use of firearms and gender reveal parties. Most were clearly not in support of this couple’s decision.

While a few simply told others a slogan that would be printed on the back of a t-shirt. “It’s a gun thing, you wouldn’t understand.”

@KellBelleTN isn’t even the woman in the photographs, in fact, she’s not even related to the couple or even knows them. She simply retweeted the photos from Anna Elizabeth Photography, a Florida-based photography studio. Firearms and gender reveal parties are not new. There are several examples of weaponry used to announce the sex of a child on Youtube including this ‘Texas Style’ reveal.

So if you want to announce your child’s gender with a bang, you can do so literally, just prepare yourself for an online debate if it goes viral.

(via Slate)