This CCTV Footage Of A Guy Accidentally Destroying £5000 Worth Of TVs Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

HBH Woolacotts is a small electronics retail chain over in the UK that specializes in computers, home entertainment, appliances, etc. Kind of like a British version of Best Buy. I explain this because I would normally write the above video off as a fake prank, except for the fact that it comes from the HBH Woolacotts official YouTube account, with a description reading: “Customer damages over £5000 worth of TVs at our St. Austell store!”

And yep, that is more or less an accurate depiction of what happens. In the video, a customer wanders over to a display of expensive looking flat screen televisions, kneels in front of one of them, and — while you can’t see exactly what happens — somehow knocks the TV over, which knocks over the TV behind it. The man jumps back, and… bumps into the TV behind him, and the same thing happens to those TVs. Within a matter of literally three seconds, the poor sucker has managed to take four TVs out with him.

Does anyone else think that maybe this wasn’t the best way to display flat screen TVs? And by “maybe this wasn’t the best way” I mean literally like a bunch of very expensive dominoes in the middle of the damn store. There’s a reason why most people have their TVs up against a wall in their own homes.

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