Guy Drugged Out Of His Mind From A Dentist Visit Believes His Head Will Fall Off

02.14.16 3 years ago

Getting some local anesthesia when I got my wisdom teeth out was mostly awesome. A 45-minute procedure seemed to be over in 15 minutes, and I felt elated and powerful in the way that only drugs that you get for surgery can. As the dental hygienist helped me out of the chair, it occurred to me that now was the time to call all of my ex-boyfriends and make amends.

Luckily, I came to my senses a few minutes later.

This is all to say that I understand this guy’s reaction on anesthesia, which Tastefully Offensive says he was on due to some cavity work. While he comes down from his high, he’s crying in bed, while a female voice (presumably belonging to his wife) asks him what the tape in his bed is for. “In case my head falls off,” he whimpers.

“Do you feel better in the bed?” she asks. He says no, “because if my head falls off, nobody will hear me.” “I’ll hear you,” she says. In the meantime, a kid’s happy voice babbles in the background, oblivious to her father’s (I’m guessing) anguish.

In the end, this grown man clutches his tape and falls asleep. Whether it enhances our hubris or our fears, anesthesia makes fools of us all.

(via Tastefully Offensive)

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