This Guy’s Kid Has Got It All Figured Out, As Evidenced By His Outstanding List Of 3rd Grade Goals

According to this Redditor, the list below is what his 3rd grade son wrote as his goals for his 3rd grade year in school.My personal favorites: “become a nerd,” “eat a rack of ribs covered in bacon” and “drink 1 gallon of milk in 1 day without going to the bathroom.” All great goals — and attainable! I’ve no idea what “cod” or “hyper novas” are.

Meanwhile, I thought this Redditor had an interesting response to the kid’s “become a nerd” ambition…

I think it shows how the society now changed to accept to word “nerd” over the years. Getting told that you were a nerd 20 years ago or even 10 was a huge insult and mostly corrolated with intimidation. No one would had a goal to become a nerd, you wanted to become an intellectual, a scientist, someone smart. Even that those terms have the same signification of the modern “nerd”, I still think its interesting.

In other words, the future looks pretty bright for all of you who spend your days hanging out on Reddit.

(Via Reddit)