Why Was This Barely Clothed Woman Walking Barefoot Through The Blizzard?

Saturday’s historic snowstorm meant millions of Americans were forced to stay home due to terrible driving conditions. But one young woman must’ve had an emergency because instead of staying indoors, she decided to head out, half-dressed and barefoot.

In a 20-second clip posted by Twitter user Chandlar Fowler of Morgantown, West Virginia, the anonymous brunette is seen wearing nothing but a white short-sleeved t-shirt during one of the worst blizzards to hit the city. The barefoot woman jumps up and down as if to save her feet from frostbite while holding her black wedges in hand, as well, a handbag, and what appears to be her pants/skirt.

One Twitter user was not okay with Fowler using the woman for Internet lulz, writing, “I’m not at all cool with people making fun of this. No one helping her?” Another Twitter user hit back, replying, “It was her choice to walk in the snow without f**king shoes on.” One woman even commented, “Walk of shame in Morgantown,” while another likened her jumping as “cat getting its feet wet.”

No one knows why this young woman had to run out so quickly that she risked getting hypothermia, but hopefully it was worth it.

(Via Chandlar Fowler)