What Happens When There Are Two Cats And One Heating Pad Won’t Surprise You

Hey everyone, did you know it’s cold? I just thought that maybe you hadn’t checked the local news, read your Facebook or Twitter feeds, or, you know, went outside lately, so I thought that I’d give you a little weather update. But a far better way to illustrate how obnoxiously freezing it has been in certain parts of the country recently is with this brief series of photos of two cats recently working out their differences over one heating pad.

According to the cat owner at Cat Wars:

It’s a snowmageddon week in New England, so I put a heating pad under my cats’ little fabric house to help keep them cozy. This has kicked off the Cat Wars, an epic struggle for ownership of the warm spot.

To the victor, goes the warm spot.

I can only hope that these photos are simply from the first battle of what will be an incredible, tactical feline war.