Happy Friday: Here's A Delightful Collection Of Animals On Swings

Earlier this morning, I received my 1 billionth chain email from friends urging me to check out the Invisible Children video and to send it out to everyone I know, and the vein in my forehead started throbbing just a little harder than usual. So I went to get coffee and I was standing in line in my favorite little hipster shop, when I overheard some girls talking about their outrage over men in the government making decisions that affect their birth control and general civil rights, and my whole head started pounding.
Suddenly, people all around me were arguing about Rush Limbaugh, gas prices, Iran, solar flares, meteors, disease, poverty, occupying, 1%, 99%, 2%, skim, obesity, Peyton Manning, finding Biggie’s and Tupac’s killers, taxes, iPads, calories and why someone would ever want to get Snooki pregnant, and my brain just finally collapsed.
Damn it, it’s Friday. I just want to be happy and enjoy my weekend. Then it hit me – animals make me happy. And animals doing human things make me even happier. Then I remembered seeing the above image on Imgur a few weeks back and I decided to make us all happy with a golden treasury of pictures of animals on swings.

(Adorable doggy hat tips to Funpedia and Doggie Stylish.)