Harrison Ford Loves A Good Finger Point

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09.15.11 2 Comments

I’m pretty sure every time I’ve seen Harrison Ford angrily point his finger in someone’s face onscreen it has registered on a subconscious level as a classic Ford move, but unlike Harrison Ford face it’s never consciously been on my radar. That is until today when I ran across “Harrison Ford’s Angry Finger Point Appreciation” by Dulok Brains and was like, “Holy sh*t, that is a total Harrison Ford move! His index finger means business!”

I categorized Cowboys & Aliens as “catch it on DVD” when it hit theaters but now I’m eagerly awaiting its release to watch for the first time Ford curmudgeonly inserts his finger in Daniel Craig’s smug face. Craig will have totally brought it on himself.

Full finger pointing photo wall after the jump. It’s weird how much you enjoyed Sabrina.

Source: Dulok Brains

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