Harrison Ford Takes Out Papa Smurf On Conan

Last night Harrison Ford went on Conan — where he seemed slightly less stoned than his recent Letterman appearance — to promote Cowboys & Aliens.  The film opened last weekend and tied with creepy 3D nightmare fuel The Smurfs for a $36.2 million estimated opening. This is despite Cowboys & Aliens opening on 355 more screens and having a rumored budget of $165 million to The Smurfs’ $110 million.  Our own clown-haired plaid enthusiast Vince theorizes that 3D ticket prices may have had something to do with it (although his explanation is far more colorful than my summary).

Conan O’Brien asked Ford about the box office rivalry last night.  I’m not going to give away the whole thing, but let’s just say it starts with the phrase “my wife” (as all Harrison Ford related things should) and ends with awesome smurf violence.  Smurf yeah.  Smurf that smurf the smurf up.


[Hat tip and a Smurf plush head (this is not a sexual position) to Deadline.]