Harrison Ford Was So Stoned On Letterman Last Night

07.22.11 5 Comments

So I was out last night — a little later and a little more imbibed than I typically like to be on a school night, but whatever — and missed the talk shows I typically watch before bed each night: Colbert, the Daily Show and Letterman. However, all three were waiting for me on my DVR this morning, so I half-watched them all while doing busy work earlier and eventually got to the portion of the Letterman show where he interviewed Harrison Ford and just to stop everything I was doing to devote my undivided attention to it, because it was one of the more ridiculous and thoroughly enjoyable talk show interviews I’ve ever watched.

Ford, rumored to be one of the biggest closet stoners in Hollywood, appeared baked out of his mind (Splitsider noticed the same thing), and it seemed as though Letterman might have even taken a hit or two with him before the show in the green room. The whole thing lasted three segments (15 minutes), but I promise it’s totally worth it for you to invest your time to watch it. Watching it felt like I was sitting at a table in a dark, dingy bar drinking with two old entertainment industry war horses while they cracked one-liners of questionable taste (Letterman fired off one about being inside Elizabeth Taylor that the audience didn’t seem to know how to react to), Ford told a lengthy, expletive-laced hilarious joke (“If I tell this joke, my wife is gonna be so mad”) and then, finally, the two went outside the theater and rode off down 52nd street on horseback. Yes. It was simply amazing.

I’m really starting to love Harrison Ford again. First he called twatty human Saltine Shia Labeouf a “f*cking idiot” for blabbing about hooking up with Megan Fox, and now this! HERO!

Now stop what you’re doing now and watch this…

And if you haven’t seen the trailer for Cowboys and Aliens — the film Ford was on the show to promote — it looks pretty fun…

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