Have You Ever Wondered What Your Favorite Celebrities Would Look Like As Bobbleheads?

Yes. The answer to the question posed in the headline should be yes. At least if you’re anything like me and you love both celebrities and bobbleheads.

In that case, Imgur user “samuelorsaumell” answered the question after Photoshop and boredom led him to take some of the Internet’s most beloved actors and (mostly) actresses and turn them into bobbleheads. While the GIF versions are certainly delightful and should be celebrated by the world, all of the pictures are strangely wonderful.

Mostly, I’d like to know how I can actually create miniature versions of Alison Brie and Mila Kunis and get them to sit on my desk while I work. We could have awesome conversations about how I’m not a disappointment to my parents and am the best ever at Grand Theft Auto games. I wonder what kind of food I’d have to feed them. I bet one Cheez-It would be like a whole pizza to them.

While I work on my new cloning and miniaturization project, you can check out some of the celebrity bobbleheads here and the rest at Imgur.