HBO Now Crashed And ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fans Reacted Like It Was The Red Wedding All Over Again

The only thing more terrible than having your family massacred during your eldest son’s wedding in a double cross that would send ripples throughout Westeros would be having HBO Now stuck on the buffering screen during the Game of Thrones season seven premiere. Unfortunately for some, they lived out this horror, clicking and refreshing like mad, hoping the little bar would fill and they would be thrust back into the dark and magical world full of dragons and Ed Sheeran.

Yes, HBO Now was down for almost half of the Game of Thrones east coast premiere, but it righted itself in the second half and fans got caught back up. A spokesperson said HBO Go was also down for a time in Latin America, but HBO Go was working almost flawlessly in the States.

As The Hollywood Reporter rightfully pointed out, HBO Now went down during last season’s penultimate (and absolutely incredible) episode, “Battle of the Bastards.” Knowing that one of the main ways to watch its marquee show is unreliable must freak out plenty of customers and cord cutters, but probably puts a smile on the face of cable providers who are rubbing their hands together like Walder Frey after butchering the Starks.

At least the HBO Now Twitter account was active in helping people out as best they could.