This Heartwarming Commercial Perfectly Captures The Emotions Of A Couple Expecting

This commercial is five months old, but I just happened upon it recently and its message is so moving, so to speak, that it simply had to be shared.

When a person is expecting, their daily routines change right along with their body. Some of the changes are nice. For instance, strangers will give up their seat for you on the bus, and loved ones are more than willing to offer a helping hand loading groceries into the back of your car. The important thing through the entire process is to keep up on your breathing exercises, and to stay as active as possible.

I’m not sure how many people ever reach the point where they have to begin counting down the days by crossing them off on a calendar. That seems like a desperate measure, and almost depressing as they begin to stack up. But when the process is nearing its conclusion, and your body reaches the point where practically everything hurts — back aches, foot pain, you name it — the only thing that will keep you going is knowing that any moment now, that little miracle that’s been growing inside you for so long will finally pop out.

Granted, the ideal place for delivery is not an airport terminal. But when you’ve reached the culmination of so much hard work and preparation, at that point, you’re just glad your spouse is there with you to celebrate.