Heidi Klum Apparently Cloned Herself Into Sextuplets For Her Underwhelming Halloween Costume

News Editor
11.01.16 2 Comments

Last year, Heidi Klum managed to top herself by dressing up as Jessica Rabbit for Halloween, which seemed like the ultimate costume after she dressed up as a butterfuly, a cadaver, and a Hindu goddess during years prior. Everyone knows that Klum walked away with the ultimate divorce prize — her favorite holiday — after divorcing Seal when they used to make a huge ordeal out of couple costumes. Since their split, she’s ratcheted up the drama each year, and it seemed like last year was the apex. Or maybe not.

Naturally, Klum teased her costume all dang day. She appeared on the Ellen Show while dressed as ballet dancer Maddie Ziegler (and did the full bizarro dance routine for good measure). Folks watched her all over social media for hours on end as her “real” costume time approached. After midnight, Klum finally showed her fans what she had. And was it worth the wait?

Here’s her big reveal, which just happens to come in the form of six Heidi Klums. She apparently cloned herself into sextuplets and showed off the rear view above with the front view below. Here are all the Heidi Klums from afar and up close. Whaddya think?

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