Here Are The 10 Most Hated Men In America

Disgraced former-Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling now spends his days walking aimlessly around his painted white multimillion-dollar mansion, paraphrasing his favorite Puddle of Mudd song. “They f*cking hate me, they f*cking hate me, I tried too hard and they tore my racist feelings like I had none,” the “they,” of course, being almost literally everyone in America. According to E-Poll Market Research, Sterling is the most hated man in the country, with a 92% disapproval rating.

The only thing surprising about that: does the remaining 8% live in Boston or Birmingham?

1. Donald Sterling (92%)
2. Bernie Madoff (90%)
T3. O.J. Simpson (88%)
T3. Conrad Murray (88%)
5. Justin Bieber (86%)
6. Phil Spector (83%)
7. Aaron Hernandez (81%)
8. Michael Lohan (76%)
9. Eliot Spitzer (73%)
10. Jon Gosselin (71%)

So, to recap, America hates racists, guys who f*ck over the New York Mets (and thousands of other people), multiple murderers, former crazy-haired pop stars, current Canadian lesbian pop stars, fathers of Ali Lohan (and maybe some Lindsay girl, too), prostitute aficionados, and former-reality TV stars.

I’m so proud of us, you guys.