Here's The 2-Year Old Fat Barbie Photoshop That Has People Freaking Out On Facebook

For those of you unfamiliar with the wonderful Worth1000, it’s a website that hosts creative contests of all kinds, most notably for photoshoppers who are outstanding at what they do. Hell, just look at the first question on the site’s FAQ list and you’ll have a basic idea of how good some of these people are at making terrific photoshops. And just as the site boasts of the confusion and scandals that these pictures have caused, one of its contest winners has popped up on Facebook for use in some pageview pandering, and it has people freaking out and arguing like crazy.

The image in question features a fat version of the classic Barbie doll, as it was the winner of the “Feeding Time 9” contest back in 2011. The goal of the contest was to photoshop typically “skinny” celebrities and make them look overweight. Now, though, the image has been used by the people at Plus-Size-Modeling to ask if people think that companies should make plus-sized dolls, and it has accumulated 36,885+ likes, 1,831 shares and more than 3,500 comments.

The problem seems to be that because nobody knows that this was a photoshop that was intended to go for obese and not “plus-sized,” plus-sized people are furious that the image portrays them as obese. This has led to many comments that share this theme:

So the moral of this story is that we should never jump to conclusions about a picture on the Internet, because it’s probably fake. Unless it’s Bearsharktopus, because he’s very real, friends.