Here’s A Clip From Disgusting Fish Tongue Parasite Horror Movie ‘The Bay’

So, The Bay — much to my surprise this little horror flick about revolting fish tongue parasites turning on the human race has squiggled its way to near the top of my “horror movies I might consider watching if nothing else is in theatres that week” list. It looks wacky, creepy and yes, it’s directed by Barry Levinson — a guy who’s also directed stuff like Rain Main and Wag the Dog. It’s a movie that shouldn’t exist, but does, and I want to see it.

Anyways, hit the jump for a clip from The Bay. It doesn’t show much, but gives you a feel for the faux-documentary feel at least part of the movie is going to use…

Killer fish tongue parasites and obnoxious shouty fat ladies with eczema? Brrr. I’ll take zombies or whatever over those horrors any day.

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