Here’s A First Look At Han Solo’s Stylish New ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Duds

Well, it looks like today’s the day for hot Star Wars fashion leaks. First we got a look at Episode VII’s sleek new stormtrooper helmets, and now designs for Harrison Ford’s sassy new Han Solo duds have leaked.

First we have a classic, almost Jedi-esque outfit (Han must be at least an honorary Jedi by now, right?). Han looks to be carrying his classic blaster and holster in one, and ready to get that first shot in, and the other we have, um, a slightly more questionable look. I dunno — that furry hood, those Uggs-like boots. It’s a little too easy to imagine a high school girl wearing this one…

Hat tip to Jay Carlson of Indie Revolver for providing the images.

So, the outfits are designed, but is Harrison Ford ready to go again after his injury? Sure seems like it based on this Expendables 3 red carpet video.

What do you folks think? I’m kind of missing the classic Han Solo vest, but otherwise they’re not bad designs.

Via Indie Revolver