Here’s A Sleepy Cat With A Teeny Tiny Frog Chilling On Its Head

08.28.14 4 years ago 2 Comments

Contrary to popular belief, some cats live tough, busy lives. There are felines like Yuri, who want devoted petting for days. And then there those who work diligently at Pizza Hut to serve you up a stuffed crust pie. (Note: Hello Kitty has been disqualified here, because it’s been revealed that she’s not a cat and we’ve actually just been lied to all these years.)

But when cats finally get to unwind after a long and hectic day, they really know how to relax. Sometimes they whip out the old watermelon pillow and lounge around lazily. Other times they have their tiny frog friend lull them into a blissful slumber. Well…it’s either the little amphibian is a calming presence, or the cat above is just so damn tired it could give two sh*ts about what and/or who is plopped on its head.

Seeing as how I’m not a zoologist, I can’t really say what all this means in an ecological sense. All I know is that it’s pretty darn cute.

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