Here’s Why You Should Buy The PS4

This month we’re going to see something that hasn’t happened in quite a long time; two consoles will be debuting in the same month, going head-to-head over the holiday season. This Friday, the PS4 arrives… so why should you buy it? Here’s the case for the PS4.

Gaming Comes First

While the PS4 will have plenty of video streaming apps, one message Sony has sent, loudly and repeatedly, is that this is a gaming console. It can do other things, but you’re supposed to primarily want it to play video games on. In fact, the only thing you can do without jumping through some ridiculous bureaucratic hoop is, well, play video games.

Out Of The Box, It’ll Have Better Graphics

While it won’t matter in the long run, the PS4 seems to have slightly better graphical horsepower out of the gate. If that’s important to you, the PS4 is going to be your day-one choice.

PlayStation Plus is A Vastly Better Online Service

In the last console generation, there was no getting around the fact that Sony simply offered the better online experience. Consider that, on the Xbox One, to use your Internet to stream the Netflix you pay for, something you can do for free on literally anything else you own, Microsoft wants you to cough up five bucks a month.

It’s true that PlayStation Plus is changing; if you want to use any sort of online multiplayer, you’re going to have to give Sony $50 a year. But that comes with a pile of free games, and it’s likely Plus will be tied to Gaikai, giving you even more free games. Which reminds us!

There Will Probably Be An All-You-Can-Play Streaming Games Option, And Soon

Sony recently bought Gaikai, a service that lets you stream games, and they’ve made little secret that they play to stream a fair chunk of the PS3 game library to your PS4 through it. So that means even more games.

And Finally, It’s Cheaper

The PS4 is currently priced at $400, compared to the Xbox One’s $500. And price is becoming an important factor here as many of the games we most want to play are multiplatform. Especially if you’re a fan of games like Madden or Call of Duty, it makes sense to buy the one that’s cheaper.

So, that’s the case for. But, of course, there’s a flipside to everything; keep your eyes open for the case against, courtesy our own Nathan Birch.

(image courtesy of neptunecanada on Flickr)