Here’s Michele Bachmann Filming A Cameo For ‘Sharknado 3’ Because Of Course She Is

I don’t want to shock you, but Sharknado 3 might be a strange film. Whereas Sharknado 2 took the “cast legitimate people you know and have them do ridiculous things like kick a shark to death” approach, this one seems to be going for more of a “throw people most people don’t care for at the wall and see what sticks like the world’s least edible pasta” kind of thing. First, we had Ann Coulter playing vice president to Mark Cuban’s commander-in-chief. Now, curer of gays Michele Bachmann shot her scenes for Sharknado 3: Mr. Shark Goes to Washington, and she will be playing Michele Bachmann.

Other cameos thus far include Jerry Springer, David Hasselhoff and, the ultimate get, NSYNC’s Chris Kirkpatrick. But given the Coulter and Bachmann casting choices, I think we’re all waiting for the inevitable: Sarah Palin. Maybe she and Bristol can get into a drunken fistfight with a shark. It would all be worth it for just that.

Source: Washington Post