Here’s Real-Life Superhero Phoenix Jones Knocking A Racist Out

Phoenix Jones is somebody who has come up once or twice around here.

And now he’s apparently beating up racists, so, really, good for him. And he didn’t get arrested this time, either!

There are three things you need to know before watching this:

1. Jones is an undefeated professional MMA fighter.

2. Washington State has a standing law allowing “mutual combat”, meaning if two people want to go at it, they can if they both agree to do so in front of authorities.

3. Jones’ opponent is a possibly drunk man shouting racist epithets who is decidedly NOT an MMA fighter.

The fun starts at the 6:30 mark, and it’s a bit like watching a train wreck. It’s blatantly obvious that Orange Shirt Racist Guy is outmatched, but he seems to believe he’ll win. The best part is that Jones and his fellow superheroes try to walk away, as you can see earlier in the video, and this guy and his friends followed him and actually picked the fight.

Here’s the video…

Yeah, Racist Orange Shirt Guy got one-punched. And, like we said, this is totally legal under Washington state law. You might notice that the police are actually watching this and doing a good job of not laughing.


Jones had called 911 and tried to defuse the situation. It was only when the man threatened Phoenix and said he’d follow him home that Phoenix agreed to fight his aggressor.

“I’m not going to let someone follow me to my house,” said Phoenix in an interview with The Dori Monson Show. “I’m not letting some guy who’s violent with other people follow me home. It’s not going to happen. If it had just been about him calling me the N-word, I would have walked it off, like I told the cops. It was just, the cop had said he was going to let that guy follow me. No one is going to follow me.”

In short, a jerk got decked by a super-hero after deliberately picking a fight with him. We love the twenty-first century.