This Selfie Taken Minutes After A Plane Crash May Forever Change The Way You Think About Selfies

One month ago Ferdinand Puentes and fellow passengers jumped out of a sinking Makani Kai Air Cessna and he photographed what has to be in the running for most harrowing selfies ever taken. From KHON 2 in Hawaii:

Puentes turned on his GoPro camera moments after the engine of the Makani Kai Air Cessna he was on quit, just offshore of Kalaupapa, Molokai.

“Seeing the water coming up real fast, the splash down when we hit the water,” Puentes said.

Puentes and the rest of his passengers jumped out of the sinking plane.

“It just bit into me like am I dreaming,” Puentes said.

He held on to one wing as long as he could. From his vantage point, he got this eery image of the plane underwater.

Eight people and the pilot were rescued. One passenger tragically died. Here’s video of the crash captured on Fuentes’s camera.

There are most certainly better ways to take the lead for most epic selfie of 2014 thus far.

KHON 2 via r/Pics & Brobible