Here’s Shocking Footage From A Shooting Inside Canada’s Parliament Building In Ottawa

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10.22.14 20 Comments

The city of Ottawa is still in lockdown hours after several shooting incidents in the downtown area. Video has emerged from one of those incidents at the Canadian Parliament building.

According to multiple reports, one of the gunman was shot dead by the sergeant of arms in the parliament building. Another man, a Canadian solder, was shot at a nearby War memorial. Sadly he has passed away.

Details are sketchy for now but the words “terrorist attack” have been used multiple times on CBC, FOX and CNN. Police also believe there’s at least one shooter still on the loose.

Ottawa police confirmed they were pursuing multiple shooters, but there were conflicting reports of how many were involved in the attack on nerve center of Canada’s federal government.

“We are still trying to clarify how many persons we are dealing with, and still waiting for the status of the victim who was shot at the War memorial,” says Ottawa Police Service spokesman Constable Chuck Benoit.

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